Charm & Grace Shorty

It’s been a busy week. I got out with Bob and the group for a few miles last LAST weekend. I started in darkness from home at 5:50 am and rode to the start. The plan was to meet up and roll with the group for as long as I could. First 26 went great and I caught up with everyone at 7:55 right on time. Unfortunately, the bathrooms at the meetup were locked so I had to run off in search of the nearest open business. I told Bob not to wait up as I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to hang anyway. When I got back to the meetup spot I was just in time to watch the group rounding the first corner.

All the way up Harford Rd. out of the city I’d see the group at the far end of any straightaways or long climbs. I was keeping visual but couldn’t close. Once I was out in farm country I made the decision to stop chasing and start enjoying. Stopped for a wardrobe change and to take some photos along the side of the road in a few spots. Back on the road I actually did catch up with the group twice but only because they had mechanical issues (shifting & flats). I rolled ahead on the second unscheduled break to the Wawa rest stop that was mile 23 for everyone else, mile 50(?) for me. Even though I’ve been commuting 65 miles weekly and riding mountain here and there I still haven’t been in the saddle for more than 2 hours at a shot since December. When I lost sight of the group again less than 45 seconds out the Wawa it cemented my judgement that I’d had my fill for the day. I’d been thinking about doing the Winters Run loop to tack on an extra 10 for an even 70. 61 was fine for me and the way I was zoned out all afternoon told me I made the right choice. I had level 1 saddle sores for my Monday commute. Other than that I bounced back ok. Good day all around and looking forward to more riding with the group soon.

Check here for the full photoset: Charm & Grace Shorty Flickr
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