Coffeeneuring Challenge #7

I didn’t even want the coffee:)

Date: Sunday, 11/15
Location: Dunkin Donuts on Emmorton Rd. in Abingdon, MD
Drink: Coffee w/ cream & sugar.
Miles: 8.76mi.
Bike: Velo Orange Randonneur.
Lesson: I started this to get out of the house a little bit and for that it worked. I had grand visions of longer rides and more exotic destinations today but when I woke up this morning it didn’t happen. I need a lesson in motivation. The weather outside today was way too nice to waste on housework like I did. Also, the new SKS fenders are much better than the aluminum Honjos. No shimmy, no weird pulls from headwinds, they just work and the breakaway mounts on the front wheel already saved me once from a lodged stick. The front fender does suck up leaves something awful but that’s to be expected for longboards which come within 2″ of the ground…


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